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20lb Sounds

by 20lb Sounds

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laktozo thumbnail
laktozo i heard jimmy carter bought this album and plays it every time he goes fishing Favorite track: Jimmy Carter.
P M Griffiths
P M Griffiths thumbnail
P M Griffiths Really like this track despite the name. Best of all I was able to download the Album in 24bit FLAC sounds great on my AK100. Favorite track: Song 3.
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Enemies 02:47
What a depressing place to be, When all your friends have turned to enemies, So send off a letter to yourself, It's better than waiting for someone else. (chorus) ...and you've pulled this trick before, so do it again, Grit your teeth and just pretend, like you're the man. I've never felt quite so alone, Stood in a room full of folks I know, Everyone else is having fun, So get it together you're the only one.
Hey, hear what I say, While we're getting down, You're all locked away... (chorus) And you're getting the sense that it makes no sense, anyway. Hey, where've you been today? You're all scared to death, Because you watch TV. (chorus) (Last chorus) And you're getting the sense that it makes no sense, anyway. Yeah you're getting the sense that it makes no sense, so come out and play.
Song 3 03:54
Talking, to you sometimes it's like you know just what I'm thinking, Before I speak the answer comes tumbling from your mouth and, I know just how it feels to be so understood now. I know just how, it feels. (Chorus) Can't tear myself away, I wanna be where you wanna be, Can't think of nothing else, But the idea of you and me. Waiting, for you sometimes it feels just like the clock is standing still and the hands won't move no matter how I beg them, Stick firmly to their laws of space and time so stubborn, That stand still, again. (Chorus x 2) (Solo)
Change 02:46
Making a mistake, is the reason you're afraid, and you're waiting for it, and I'm waiting for it, and we're waiting for a change. Get me out of here, cos I am locked inside again, and I'm waiting for it, and you're waiting for it, and we're waiting for a change.
It won't be very long she said, As she walked right out the door, And I know it's pretty late now in this game, to give up, But I think that we can turn it around. Ever get the feeling, that you're talking to yourself, Well sometimes, you're the only one worth talking to, Try as I might, to get this message through to you, there's no point, Cos you've gone and got your deaf ears on.
Jimmy Carter 04:08
Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer, From way down in South West Georgia, The town of Plains is where he was born yeah, He joined the Navy and set out on the water. (Chorus) Jimmy, oh Jimmy, Jimmy Carter. Jimmy is a man with honours, He got a Noble Peace Prize and a Grammy gong yeah, The proudest day for old Mrs Gordy, Was when her son was crowned a Geordie.
Teardrop 02:36
Sometimes it's hard to tell the truth, Even though deep down inside you want to, But like a teardrop in the ocean, I was washed right out to sea, I was lost, Till you found me. Let's not waste any more time, Try'na work out what's yours or mine, Cos like a teardrop in the ocean, I was washed right out to sea, I was lost, Till you found me.
Forget about it, Just get on up an do your thing, I don't care any more. Shut up about it, Don't need your pictures of banalities, I don't care any more. (Chorus) And you know that you're wasting your time, Cos nobody here's when you cry.
You shuffle around here, Nothing better to do, Life's one long vacation, In God's waiting room. (Chorus) And I wanna be anywhere else, than right here, Wanna get myself, out of here, I wanna go where the people know my name and get back to the land of the living again. Your soul less music, Makes my ears wanna die, So skip to the end please, And don't press rewind. (Chorus) You're trapped like a moth here, You search through the gloom, For a glimpse or a glimmer, To burn yourself in.
Rip It Up 02:45
I wanna rip it up, Throw it back at you, All these words that you wrote, Cos they don't mean anything. I wanna, wanna rip it, Wanna rip it up now. You're making promises, You never meant to keep, All your words were hot air, But somehow you still made me believe.
Waiting, for your past to fade away, Drowing in all, these unwanted memories. (Chorus) Bird on a wire, Flying too close to the sun, Bird on a wire, You're a danger to yourself. You run away, just as I start to get close, Drunk and afraid, somehow the words just don't come out. (Chorus)
El Bubblino 02:34
They call me El Bubblino you know that I ain't no gringo, I come form overseas to experience the land of Ringo, I'm far too butch to get a shame, I just hang around blowing my bubbles all day. They call me El Bubblino you know that I ain't no gringo, I come from overseas to experience the land of Ringo, I'm far important to carry a pen, That's why I've got Adrian.


Everything you hear on this album was played live. Recorded at Elevator Dale St Liverpool using a Zoom R16, 4 x SM58, 1 x Shure 52A and an ADK SC-1.

Mixed at Canterbury Rd Wallasey with Cubase, SSL and Softube plugins.

20lb Sounds are:

Dan Lynch - Vocals and Guitar
Ross Welsh - Drums
Gary Hughes - Bass

All songs written by 20lb Sounds
Recorded by 20lb Sounds
Mixed by 20lb Sounds

Partly funded by pledges on Kickstarter.com

Special thanks to:

Jan Wildeboer
Ivan Pejić
John McKerrell
Mike Lamb
Tony Jones
Philip Newborough
Fabian Scherschel
Howard Nickson
Kai Hughes

Cover Photo - Posted under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License on Flickr by Webtreats. See the original here - www.flickr.com/photos/webtreatsetc/5184510240/


released May 17, 2014




20lb Sounds Liverpool, UK

20lb Sounds are a 3 piece rock band from Liverpool, UK. They formed in 2010 and have been gigging and writing new material since. Expect more recordings soon and possibly some stripped down acoustic tracks. Visit 20lb.net or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ for more. ... more

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